Vantage Re.Public Advertising. Vantage – A Place or Position affording a good view of anything, Re.Public – Something that goes again & again into the Public. We hope we gave you an understanding or at-least the idea behind the name.

We are a modern-age advertising company having our roots deeply buried in all kinds of advertising. We deal mainly in Digital Marketing, Branding, Video Production, Theater Advertising, Outdoor Advertising , Bulk Whatsapp, SMS & E-mail Marketing and Web Desigining. We are sister company of Sri Jayalakshmi Advertising Agency which has over 30 years of expertise in this industry dealing with Print & Electronic Media of advertising, located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. On a whole, we are experts in all media of advertising. You just name it, we can do it.

Customer Satisfaction is our Motto. In order to reach all kinds of public to increase the brand value of our client, we have to engage ourselves in different kinds of advertising. And that’s how we got to know our mission. With an aim of bringing the best out of us & spreading our wings in the best way possible, our vision of being better today than the previous day is clear to us.